Tip to relieve sciatica pain!

Sciatica painStruggling to find relief for my sciatica pain started to become a daily issue for me. Then I came across a tip to relive sciatica pain. I want to share this with others who suffer and are ready to get some help.

Changing my ways

Learning to change a few things in my daily life started to make a huge help with my back pain. I knew I needed to start loosing weight and start moving my body in order for me to live the life I really wanted. I decided to start a work out program and use apps on my phone to help me with diet and exercise. But I ended up running into some issues. One was my knees. I started to have intense pain in my knees. The other was my sciatica pain.

We are all born and live with health issues, even if we eat right, exercise and never touch alcohol or drugs. Because of the food we eat, toxins we breathe, places we live, people we interact with, we all come into contact with illnesses and have immune systems that are compromised. No matter how many vitamins we consume, how many times we wash our hands, how much antibacterial soaps and chemicals we use, we are all subjected to germs. But that doesn’t’t mean we stop trying, or just lie down and give up. No, we just learn more and keep going.

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When back pain strikes I see people do these things all the time, and I even did them

myself for years not knowing they only made things worse.

Mistake #1: Trying to fight back pain by strengthening your back muscles.

This is very common. People think this all the time. However, the vast majority of people

don’t have back problems caused by a weak lower back but rather they are a result of a

weak core!

When your core is weak your lower back has to strain and work extra hard

so the last thing you need to do is work it even more.

If you want to avoid pain in your back, hips and knees the secret is in your core.

Mistake #2: Resting your back.

In the health and fitness community we’ve known for a long time that prolonged rest only

makes your back more stiff and your muscles weaker. The saying, an object in motion tends to stay in motion is true for our bodies as well.

My mom has always had back issues and at one time, she was completely bed ridden. It took her 30 minutes to crawl across the hallway to the bath room. This was no way to live. After she recovered from that time, she still struggled with back pain through the years.

She realized that she needed to keep active to maintain the strength in her back and started by moving gently in

order to bounce back much faster.

Forget about strenuous workouts after you strain your back, but you need to start trying

a few surprising stretches. Gently getting you back more mobile. Strengthening your core is what is key.

I know this sounds radical but if you back hurts I urge you to……

Try this 1 unlikely stretch that has been shown to wipe out sciatica and lower back pain



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