March 12, 2018

Stress Hormone Levels – Are they under control?

What is cortisol and why do we need to have it under control? How does it affect the stress hormone levels? Learning what you may be lacking or what you need, taking action to balance our hormones can often times help improve health and wellness. Giving more energy and giving you back more of the life you are lacking due to cortisol levels being unbalanced.

What is cortisol and how does it affect you?

Cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone. Having high cortisol can actually cause you to gain weight. Cortisol is a steroid hormone and is made in the adrenal glands. Cortisol can help control blood sugar levels, regulate your metabolism as well as reduce inflammation.

Does that mean we all need more help in this department? Did you know that you can cortisol and adrenal fatigue help? Do you find yourself snapping at the smallest things? I would find myself riding in the car and literary lifting my legs up or grabbing the handle in fear of a car getting too close. Constantly taking deep breaths or closing my eyes due to fear. My adrenal glands were completely taxed. I needed some serious help!

Stress Hormone Levels

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on our lives. It can also affect our health in drastic ways. Our hardwired bodies are meant to react when stressed. If we are faced with something scary or erratic such as a dog barking while we are our walking or a car horn when we are driving. We react to those because adrenalin spikes and surges which increases our heart rates and elevates our blood pressure. Cortisol is the primary hormone that is released when we are stressed. Cortisol is not a bad thing. It helps us in many ways. However, when it goes haywire, that is when we start to have issues. If you are under stress constantly, your hormones can’t resume to normal because they are constantly being pinged. This can cause weight gain, depression, anxiety, disrupted sleep patterns, blood pressure issues and more. Getting your cortisol in balance can help to reduce some of these symptoms. Let’s talk about a few options.

Cortisol Manager

  • SLEEP AND STRESS SUPPORT – Your quest for great sleep starts with Cortisol Manager. Featuring non-habit forming, stress-reducing ingredients such as Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Magnolia, and Epimedium*.
  • STRESS HORMONE STABILIZER – Cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone,” is naturally at its highest levels in the morning, and declines throughout the day. Too much stimulus (i.e. stress), can knock these levels our of their natural rhythm. Cortisol Manager helps to support the body’s natural rise and fall of cortisol, resulting in feelings of relaxation and a more restful night’s sleep.*
  • ALLEVITATE FATIGUE – with no morning drowsiness and without diminishing daytime alertness.*
  • ADRENAL HEALTH SUPPORT – Your adrenal glands play a large role in regulating stress levels. Cortisol Manager helps to reduce stress and support adrenal health.*

Cortisol Manager

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery.

Are you constantly tired, drinking caffeinated beverages? Trying to do just about anything to keep your eyes open? Funny thing how adrenal fatigue and cortisol can go hand in hand. I personally struggle with adrenal fatigue and needed to get a handle on it. I needed to find something that would help me recover my peace of mind. I was snapping and tired and searching for something. When someone introduced me to Adrene Vive everything started to change for me.

I found the Adrenal support I was desperately needing. I started taking Adrene Vive and my whole outlook started to change. I felt calm, I felt relaxed. I felt like my old self again. (That was a good thing). My adrenal glad started to get the much-needed help it deserved.

Hormonal Imbalance Supplements

There are a plethora of supplements our there that you can find and use. I encourage you to consult your doctor and find what best suits you. Hormonal imbalance supplements can be exactly what you may need.

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