Plus Size Fitness Clothing – Time to feel beautiful

Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

When you think of putting on fitness clothing, what do you think about? “Does my butt look good in these?” or how about, “Can I get to the gym without anyone seeing me?”. Either way, you feel judged. Positive or negative, it might run through your mind. But what if it didn’t matter? What if we change the way people feel or care about what we wear? That may not happen, but what CAN happen is the way YOU feel and view yourself. Really plus size fitness clothing has changed, we should be able to wear fitness cloths that make use feel strong, powerful, happy, and ready for anything.

Comfortable fitness cloth for daily use.

If you put on your current fitness attire, do you feel ready to get sweaty and work hard? Are you a yoga fanatic, ready to get Zen? Do you even think about how those clothes make you feel? When you put on a fancy dress or tuxedo, what do you fell? What is the point of getting “all dressed up”? To look nice, to feel good about the way you look right? Most likely it is to go do something fancy, a dance, a nice dinner, a wedding. But when you put on fitness clothing, it should make you feel empowered. You should be able to wear that plus size fitness clothing with pride. YOU are doing something for YOU. Even if you aren’t, wearing fitness clothing can help improve your view of yourself.

I used to wear bulky, large clothing. Baggy pants, large shirts. I was hiding! Ashamed of the way I looked and thought if I wore this, no one would look at me. I was wrong! I actually got more stairs than ever because it was so obvious that I was hiding.

How do you find the right plus size fitness clothing for you?

How do you know what is right for you? You could dress like the muscle man you see at the gym who has short shorts and a tank top that is about to rip off his body. OR you could dress like the yoga instructor with the bootie of a goddess. The reality is, no two bodies are the same. So you get to choose what makes you feel good, proud, strong, full of life.

Once you put on the fitness outfit, it might feel strange, it might feel awkward. But if you stick with it, you might find that you move better, you have less friction. You may start to feel empowered and THAT is the whole point! Not worrying about what others might think of you, or care if they stare. After all, they might just be impressed. We don’t have to know or care. What we need to think, feel, care about, is how we feel, what we think.

This day and age is changing, it is time for all bodies of all sizes and shapes to feel accepted. To feel love.

You have so many choices out there as far as plus size fitness clothes go. Go to your favorite clothing store, grab some and try them on. Just sit with the feeling and if it’s too small, get something larger, or if it’s too small, get something smaller. Either way just get in them. Walk around the fitting room and feel the way it fits. Feel the way you move. Think about what is going through your head. If you are hearing negative thoughts like, “Fat girls shouldn’t wear spandex.” Or “Large is NOT in charge” then you need an AA meeting. (Attitude Adjustment).

You are the way you are and at this very moment you can’t change that. But what you can do is rethink HOW you see yourself. How you view your future.

If it is easier the buy online, the purchase some online and try them. if it fit, WHOOHOO. if it don’t, send them back and get a different size. Stop letting society dictate how you dress, how you feel, what you do, and where you go.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Maybe it is easier said than done, but if one doesn’t say it, then nothing changes. I’m constantly telling myself “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” I decided that the pain I was having in my hips, knees, back, neck, shoulders, arms and more was worth a change. Every morning, every afternoon, every evening and every night. Nothing I did gave me relief. When I put on my fitness clothing, I started to feel different in my mind. I started to get active. Every move was painful, but eventually it started to get easier. Not right away mind you, it took months. But eventually it did. I started to lose the weight. I still have more to go, but things are changing.

What plays a roll?

Not just my diet and exercise has changed for me, my mind set has also begun to transform. I’m more active, I’m more focused. I now work harder on the things I enjoy. I have a drive. I’m finding that the more weight I lose, the more I feel alive. Our minds are very powerful and in order for us to make the change, we have to put our minds right. This isn’t just my fight. This isn’t every obese person alive today. This isn’t not just for us, this is for our children and our grand children. I want to be there, how about you?

In a nut shell

Get some plus size fitness clothing and see what possibility you just might find falling into your lap. Put it out to the universe what you want. You want to be able to play with your kids? You want to be around for your grand kids? Start, you don’t have to run a marathon, but just start. Start with a walk, start with getting off the couch, start with a mindset. We don’t have to accept what is, we can make what we want. Start this journey with me and see where it takes us.

2 thoughts on “Plus Size Fitness Clothing – Time to feel beautiful

  • Sometimes the right clothing will help you to feel like working out more! I personally live in spandex and yoga pants when I am at home. It makes housework and workouts at home even easier to do!

    • Thank you for your comment Melinda, I appreciate hearing from you and that you are a fan of fitness clothing. Makes our lives more enjoyable to wear something comfortable.

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