Plus Size Fitness Clothing

Plus Size Fintess Clothing

As a nation in America, we are facing the largest obese epidemic in history.What does that mean for the average every day American and where do you fit in? If you want to “fit in” and who doesn’t in so many ways, we need to have access to the same things that skinny people have. Plus size fitness clothing has become a thing, so move over skinny people, we exhist and are not doing to be stopped because we are the majority.

Plus size fitness clothing is now something we can find and take pride in. We can find and wear it, not just at the gym. I find that a great pair of spandex makes for a comfortable around the house outfit. Especially if I am going to work out later in the day. Who likes to change clothes 2, 3 and even more times a day? Not me. I get out of my pj’s and want to get things done so I put on my fitness clothing and do my house work, do my laundry, cook, and eventually do my workout.

We are ready to take over the gyms and not be ashamed of how we look, what we are wearing, and getting healthy. Obese does not necessarily mean unhealthy. If you are working on your diet, eating healthy is not just a fad, it is a way of life. There are so many ways to eat right. Not every healthy diet program is right for everyone.


Healthy Diet Programs

There are so many choices, we actually can find healthy diet program that will fit our lifestyle and one that can help us have more energy, look and feel great, and boost our confidence. If one healthy diet program doesn’t feel right, then choose another one. Here is a list of just a few diet programs out there that you may or may not have heard of.

  1. Nutrisystem
  2. South Beach Diet
  3. Bistro MD
  4. Medifast
  5. Green Blender

This is just a few healthy diet programs for 2018 that are getting some recognition. These all have good and bad aspects but they are choices one can look at as an option. I have tried many diet programs to lose weight and for me, counting calories and using an app is something that works great.

Apps that can help you lose weight


If you need some help and have a smart phone or tablet, here are a few of the weight loss apps that are making some headlines for 2018.

I personally love Cron-O-Meter, it isn’t free, however I felt that spending a little on my health was worth it. I do not have a gym membership so getting this app has taken the place of that expense. Having the ability to track my calorie intake as well as my exercise and calories burned. I want to make sure I am staying within my limit. I track literally everything that goes into my mouth.

  • Lose It!
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Fitbit
  • Runtastic

These are all good ones and can be a lot of fun. There are also ones where you can actually make money while loosing weight and getting healthier.

How to make money by losing weight.

The great thing that many people who are over weight don’t realize is that you can actually make money to lose weight. That’s right, why not pad your pockets for that new wardrobe while you get healthier and drop those pounds?


  • HealthyWage

This app allows you to bet on yourself. You get to put the amount you want to lose, the amount you want to go toward your weight loss and even ways you can up the amount or extend the time if you need an extra boost.

  • DietBet

Another fun app that helps you compete against others who are struggling and working hard toward goals. This one is a bit more set. You place your bet in the specific challenge you want. There are all sorts of support tools and folks that help with advice along the way. If you reach your goal, you split the pot.

  • HiGi

Can be a fun community and support. Gives incentives and encourages you all along the way. Fun to see how you have done or what you have accomplished at the end of the day.

There are so many other options or apps that can help along the way. Don’t feel like you have to go it alone. Finding the right fitness clothing or healthy diet isn’t impossible. Don’t be afraid to try several options and keep the ones that you like, dump the rest. If you find a combination of things that work, that is just another tool in your box to help reach your goals.

Never give up!

The saying goes, “Never give up, never surrender.” You may have good days and bad days, but they are just days. There is always tomorrow. Having that goal or dream or finish line you are trying to reach, can offer up a lot of encouragement. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Taking one day at a time can help you reach your goals.

There is a workout move called a “donkey” it is a kick move where you are on your hands and you kick your feet up behind you. I started out just lifting my leg one at a time, moving into a little baby and I mean a baby, not even an inch off the floor hop. Now I can actually do a few of these in a row. Eventually I will be able to do the whole handstand move and feel amazing. I may not be able to do it today, or tomorrow, but eventually I WILL be able to do these. I continue my journey and hope to inspire others to take that one day at a time and never give up!

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Here is to you, I salute you and hope that you continue on your journey. I would love to hear from you, please leave me a comment and good health to you.

6 thoughts on “Plus Size Fitness Clothing

  • Hi, Lynette,
    I love this post. Yes skinny’s move over.
    I love it. Wow you are like me. Get on my gym clothes for around the house. Its comfy and its a smart look too. better than staying in those PJ,s.
    Wow and earning money sounds like a good deal to me. I am going to try the DietBet. I have a few friends I could pit against I can see the laughs we will have already. The money I am going to win Ha ha ha. 🙂
    I also like the donkey Kicks. That sounds a great way to get started and another giggle in the making for sure.
    I love this post its already got me in a good mood and I cant wait to share this with my friends.
    Brilliant thank you and I now have you book marked.
    Awesome post thank you so much.
    Regards Deborah.

  • Thank you Lynette for your informative content on basic of loosing weight. It is interesting how Americans get that bigger than the average size. I understand that German Sausages WURST, has to double the size of those shipped to USA. It is therefore becoming endemic that most food quantity in USA are bigger than the rest of the world. So you are on the right track helping people shed weight, and becoming healthy again. Keep on the good work.

  • Awesome article to motivate anyone to live healthily. I think it really comes down to motivation. Having family and friends support is really important and the right tools or apps help keep us on track. I look forward to seeing all the fitness clothing options we will be provided along with how you overcome challenges.

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