Changes with weight loss

As I continue my journey with my weight loss, I notice the changes with weight loss are both good and bad. That’s right, there are some negative side effects with weight loss.

Good Bad and Ugly

Let’s start with the good. First I start to notice that I have more energy and less pain in my joints. For example, when I am in bed, I notice my hips don’t ache as much as they used to. On the flip side, my knees are hurting more with upping my activity. So it is a give and take if you will. Click here for joint pain relief.

I also start to notice that my clothes start to fit looser. This is great because I hate to shop for clothing AND I love to be comfortable. So I like the clothes I have and want to be able to wear them longer, having them fit better or giving me a bit more room, just makes it more comfortable. On the flip side, my shirts start to look like a large mans shirt on me because it’s baggy and loose.

When you hear someone say, “Why are you wearing your dad’s t-shirt?” I shouldn’t get offended, right? After all, that is what I want. I want to lose the weight and look better but I don’t have great shopping skills. In fact, I hate to shop. So I started to look into some options where I can put in my measurements and what I like and just have new clothes show up on my doorstep that fit and I like! So guess what I found! There are great sites online where you can actually purchase clothing and have them delivered to your door without the headache of shopping or trying to figure what works and what doesn’t.

Is there an end to the changes with weight loss?

Getting used to the way I look and feel is interesting to say the least. Why you may ask? The older you get, the less your skin shrinks.

According to the MidlinePlus Encyclopedia it points out how much our skin changes as we get older. The fact that our skin loses elastin which is the elastic tissue as we age can cause us to have loose skin. Therefore, as we lose weight and our skin starts to hang, and I might add, doesn’t ‘t shrink back into shape, we can feel, well saggy.

There are ways to get healthier skin and treatment, one of the ways is Reiki. You may have heard of this type of therapy. This type of therapy can help with skin issues as well as many other options. It is a great way to not only help your skin, it also has some amazing other health benefits.

Reiki and it’s benefits

Reiki works on several levels.

  • Physical
    • Pain reduction, joint discomfort, nerve pain, ease migraines and more.
  • Mental
    • Calming, reduce anxiety, align chakras .
  • Emotional
    • Stabilize, regulate emotions, ease emotions during sorrow and distressful times.
  • Spiritual
    • Open up the third eye chakra, expand your crown chakra and allow spiritual connection.

These are just a few things Reiki can do for you.

Is there an end?

When it comes to wight loss and changes, get used to it. If you think that you can do something one time and reap the benefits forever, think again. Just most everything in life, everything is temporary. Everything continues to change. If you don’t keep up with eating right and exercising, you will eventually fall back into the bad habits you had that got you in this position in the first place. It has to be a life changing commitment. Learning to enjoy healthy food, feeling better about yourself, having more energy to do more things is only the beginning. The health benefits keep coming. Please don’t confuse this information as ‘You must have a skinny body’ or ‘Do you fit the mold of a clothing model?’ NO see, we are all different and healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.

Fitness at any size

Keeping our minds open to the reality of today, and that is, that we all are different and come in all sizes. It always inspires me when I see someone of a larger or more normal size body type, working out, walking, jogging, biking, kayaking, or doing any number of activities that they enjoy.

Allowing our judgments and maybe prejudices to leave us, we can be free from the way we may have been raised, or how we believe. It not only is healthy but it opens doors we never knew were even there.

If we start to realize that humans are all sizes and body types, we can accept each other with love and appreciation that we are all the same and doing the best we can.

12 thoughts on “Changes with weight loss

  • Interesting take on weight loss and the drawbacks of it. I’ve previously heard people consider it a huge achievement when they are finally forced to go shopping for new clothing because things aren’t fitting before. But I suppose I never looked at it from the opposite side! It must actually be quite expensive to go buy a whole new wardrobe as well.

    Are there any considerations worth making in visiting a tailor to have things sized down instead of buying all new? These days it is hard to believe that an adjustment might be more money than new clothes though…

    • Hi Craig, thank you for your comment, there might be some articles of clothing worth taking to a tailer to have taken in, however, most who lose weight are ready to see themselves in newer clothing. It can get quite expensive which is why some of the apps where you can shop online are a great way to go. They pick the clothes out for you and if you like them, you keep them and pay or return at no cost to you, depending on the app.

  • Your post was very easy to follow and nicely reflects your personal journey on weight loss. What service are you using to help you get your clothes without shopping? You alluded to it but didn’t mention any of the sites. I tried to click on your Reiki links but nothing happened.

    • Thank you for your feedback, I have updated the link to Reiki. There are a few apps such as Stich Fix, as well as Urbane Box are all great and very helpful.

  • Hi Lynette

    I enjoyed reading your post. Last year I was diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis. All the medical professionals I consulted told me it was my best interest to lose weight.

    Finally enough leverage to take action which I did. I lost 16 Kg over 12 months and I’ve kept it off. They have been many wonderful benefits one of the disadvantages of course once you are a bit older is that your skin does not shrink back to your actual body size.

    Just as you say it’s important to accept each other with love and appreciation, so I’ve had to learn to do that with my own body. 🙂


    • Thank you for your thoughts Mark, and congratulations on your weight loss. I am sure you are seeing first hand the benefits of your hard work. Keep up the great work and wishing you all the success and good health.

  • I had gained 45lbs after I injured myself. I had to wait until the pain subsided before I could be active again. I did lose 20lbs quite quickly but the rest remained for me to deal with.

    I loved the loose clothing feeling and was looking forward to losing the rest, fitting back into my regular clothing.

    I have heard of Reiki, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I will check out the link you have here for it.

    Thanks for your informative article!

    • Hi Patsy, I updated the link, you should be able to check it out now. I know that feeling of being stuck with weight gain due to health or injury. Great job on losing the 20 pounds. That is not easy to do. Hang in there and check out Reiki, you may find it extremely helpful.

  • I totally agree with you. Society has a whole today thinks everyone needs to be thin. The key is healthy. We all need to be healthy, if that means dieting and some exercise, great. Do I need to be a size 5? Heavens no. But getting out and walking, jogging, or any exercise is great and does make me feel better for the rest of the day!

    • Thank you Matts Mom! I know that the more effort I put into my life as far as diet and exercise, the better my mind is as well as attitude. And good for you realizing that a size 5 isn’t all that realistic for the majority of folks.

  • I identity with many of the points you made in the article. For me, after I lost 10kg over 3 months through intermittent fasting, I realised that my back hurt a lot when I went jogging. The pain usually kicked in as a dull pain after 2km into my run, and it made my running experience very bad. After a while, I realised that the pain came from my body not having adjusted to the sudden weight lost from the body, so the body posture from before didn’t suit the new body’s new weight distribution. Thankfully after a few months, the body readjusted and I was happy jogging again, pain free!

    • Wow that is very interesting. Thank you for sharing that with us. I hadn’t thought about the body needing time to adjust to the new size, but that makes sense.

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