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I grew up in Montana, some would call it Big Sky country, others would call it just plain wild. We were carefree and road our horses in the summer and skied in the winter. TV was something that was only for special times or news. We didn’t have computers, internet, smart phones. In fact, our phones were wall mounts with long cords and you could only go as far as the cord would let you.

Most of my day was spent outside working on the property, taking care of horses, working the large garden we had, and a multitude of chores that we fully believed were inventions our parents did to keep us out of trouble. For the most part, it worked.

I like most people, felt I was special. Meant for something grater than just having a spouse, a family, a job. I felt that while I wanted love, I wanted to be something special. Make a difference in thousands of peoples lives. I spent years searching for the one thing that would click. When I say many years, I am talking well into my 40s. That is a long time to be searching for that one thing.

I thought I would be a comedian, after all, people tell me that I am hilarious. Just didn’t know that I could gain the confidence to get out in front of large audiences and remember my jokes. Some said, “wow you have a great voice, you should be a singer.” That too is a passion of my but also required a huge amount of confidence. As a larger person, some say fat, other say obese, I say fluffy, I wasn’t the most confident person. I am now 35 pounds away from my goal so I hope that isn’t quite as obese as I once was. But that still didn’t help me find my special thing that would help thousands have a better life.

In comes the internet. Of course this was not something we had growing up. But now that it is 2018, that is in full force and so is online opportunities to make money AND help thousands of people. So here I am, little ol me, wanting to help others gain confidence and change their lives by moving and feeling good about themselves in their clothing.



I believe that judgment is a harsh work and act. But we all do it. Everyone is judged everyday. We judge ourselves ever harder. Imagine if you could let go of that. Let go of feeling judged and judging others. How free that would be. Well I can’t do that, but what I can do and want to do is show that no matter what you look like, how you feel if what matters. I want you to feel beautiful, handsome, strong, healthy. Change the way you dress when possible and you will affect the way you think and feel. You heard the saying, ‘Build it and they will come’, same applies. Wear it and you will start to see yourself in a different light. You will begin to feel different.

I want to help as many people change the negative, depressed, judged way they feel, to pride, more self-confidence and strong.

How about #nobodyshame Lets all get on board and support each other and realize that there are different strokes for different folks and it is all OK!


To change the negative way one feels about oneself. To have pride. To learn to accept, love and let go of the judgment and feel amazing.

I hope that you will try to change along with me. We all have things we hate or dislike about ourselves but if we continue to work, try, and grow, we can change the way we see things. Let go of judgment of others and accept that this large, beautiful wonderful world is full of diversity and that is what makes us all so colorful. Try new clothes, wear what makes you feel good and strong and brave. Try new things, go the extra mile to help someone else. Commit random acts of kindness and see how making these changes affects your mindset.

I want you to put on fitness clothing and feel alive!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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